This is the first in "Mersey Tales", a series of books for kids about various wildlife near and around the Mersey Valley in Stockport.

      Bella is a beautiful peacock butterfly. She has a very exciting time, going from adventure to adventure; nearly being eaten by a trout, captured and put in a glass cage by a little boy with a butterfly net, influencing a Holy Man at prayer, winning "Belle of the Ball" at the Midsummer Ball - to mention just a few.

     Bella has been beautifully illustrated by Alan Brown, a local and very talented artist.
     It is aimed at younger children and would also be a fine reader for non-English speakers learning the language.

Click here to view or buy on Amazon. Bella

"Bella" is also available as an audiobook on one CD, narrated by the author. To obtain a copy contact the author either here or via Facebook. Price is £3.00 + postage and packing.

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