"Fred" is the 3rd in the series "Mersey Tales".

Fred is an aristocratic fox who lives in Stockport in the North-West of England.

This book tells some of his many adventures like the time he was tricked by Reggie the rabbit into giving up his entire bag of blackberries and how he tricked a silly sheep into jumping into an old well so that Fred could jump on his back and escape from the well.
He has many links with the fox in Aesop's fables and also with his American cousin, Brer Fox.

Fred is a likeable rogue.

The 10 short stories all feature Fred and are lovingly illustrated by Alan Brown, a very talented local artist.

The book will shortly be available on Amazon books and there is also an audio CD available on 2 discs narrated by myself. (Contact through here or on Facebook) Price £4.00.

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