Jamie and the Clouds

This is a short book aimed at children from about 7 years upwards.

Jamie is out flying a kite with his Dad when the kite drags him up and into the cloud layer. Here he finds a new world people by clouds.

There are goodies and baddies and a huge battle for control of the clouds in which Jamie plays a major part.

The cover is from an original painting by DAISY HANCELL.

This is the first in a series.

The second book, "Jamie in the Underworld", will be published in spring 2015 on CreateSpace.

To view the book and/or buy just click this link to Amazon.


"Jamie and the Clouds" is also available as an audiobook on 2 CDs, narrated by the author. To obtain a copy contact the author either here or through Facebook. Price is £5.00 + post and packaging for both CDs.

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