Jamie in the Underworld

This is the second in the "Jamie" series.

Here Jamie goes on holiday to Greece with his parents and visits the Oracle at Delphi for the day, where he falls Alice-like down a hole.

He finds himself in the ancient Greek Underworld and has to struggle to find his way back, meeting Charon on the River Styx and Cerberos the three-headed hellhound as well as King Hades himself.

Gruesome moments are softened by humour and a kind of comic-book ability to survive shown by the occupants of the Underworld.

Guided by Alex, one of the Souls, he manages, thanks to Orfeos and Eurydice to escape and return to the daylight of Delphi.

The book is aimed at slightly older children (9-11) and is now available on Amazon and Kindle.

Link to Amazon

There is also a 2 CD Audiobook available at a cost of £5.00. It is narrated by the author. Contact the author either here on Facebook.

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